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Managing The "What If's" Of Investing (VIDEO)

What if…

I don’t have the time to take on the risk necessary to make up for losses?

What happens if...

I outlive my wealth?

What if…

I don’t know which way the markets are heading? I'm worried about getting in or out at the wrong time.

Today’s volatile markets can be characterized as an ever-changing balance between opportunity and uncertainty. Do you wonder whether you have to endure the uncertainty in order to reach your investment goals? Learn how you can protect your principal and invest with confidence.

You shouldn’t have to take on more risk at a time when you should be taking on less. With Market-Linked CDs, your principal is 100% protected against losses when held to maturity.

Learn more about Incapital's Market-Linked Products at their Resource Center.

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Returns are not guaranteed and principal is only guaranteed when held to maturity. Stock market CDs possess inherent risks, such as market and liquidity risks. If purchasers sell their CDs prior to maturity, they may receive more or less than their original investment. Past performance of any indices is not a predictor of future results. CD returns may not track full performance of the indices themselves. May not be suitable for all investors. Investors should carefully read the related term sheet and prospectus and/or disclosure statement before investing. Structured product CDs may be treated differently than traditional CDs for tax purposes and investors should consult their tax advisors. CD’s are FDIC Insured and offer a fixed rate of return if held to maturity.