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Advisor Update

Advisor Update

April 13, 2020

Hello again,

I didn’t intend to send weekly email messages but given the circumstances, I felt you would appreciate it, and it would allow me to share a couple of additional and timely thoughts.

I’ve been asked several times, “Should we get out now and get back in when things calm down?” In theory that sounds like a great idea, but you have to be right about a couple of critical things to make it work.

  1. First, you need to be right about the market going down a lot more from these levels. If the market doesn’t go down much from here, you got out for no reason and risk not being in when the market recovers.
  2. If you are right about number 1, you also need to be right about when to get back in. Do you try to “pick” the bottom or do you wait until the market starts to recover? If you wait until the market recovers, how much recovery will you miss before you get back in? You are likely to get back in above current market levels and miss gains in the recovery that you will never have a chance to get back.

If you are wrong about either of those decisions, you will probably be worse off than if you had just left it alone and waited for the market to recover.

Second, you may have some investments in your account that have specific terms that will be observed at maturity. Those terms include payout and downside risk management. The current price/value may not account for the stated benefits that will be in place at maturity.

When these investments were purchased, we planned to leave them invested until maturity if the market was down so we could take advantage of the downside risk management. That plan has not changed. We feel it is more important that ever to hold those investments until they mature so you can benefit from the features they offer.

As stated before, I believe the market will recover. I just don’t know when. I hope you share that belief. When the market does recover, I believe all of our investments will recover with it and achieve higher levels than before. Please don’t torture yourself by looking at your account. You already know it’s down. Please be patient and ride it out. We will all get through this crisis together.

As always, please be sure to call with any questions or concerns.

Shane Hill
Financial Advisor, Owner

3 Peaks Financial
2677 E 17th St. Suite 100
Ammon, ID 83406

(208) 881-5505

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